Nordic Walking Basics

The origin of Nordic Walking is based in the homeland of cross-country skiing of Scandinavia and reached Central Europe via US and Japan. Meanwhile Nordic Walking is growing from trend to healthy sports for beginners, advanced learner and professionals.

Nordic Walking is an all season running independent of age, sex and condition. It's smoothly cardio training for all ages which trained the whole body gently and with a low risk of injury.

Based on the classic walking the usage of poles makes the whole-body training more efficient by activation of additional areas of muscles so that usage of energy is increasing and the effectiveness of training increase towards 30 – 50 %.

Under guidance of a trainer Nordic Walking learnable easily and fast in every area.

Movement for your body and your mind

Impact on your body

Nordic Walking is a joint protecting whole-body training which is disburden your musculoskeletal system, resolves muscle tension in the area of shoulder, neck and back as well as strengthen your muscles of the upper part of your body and your legs. This is the way to prevent postural deformities and problems with your back. A regular training is acting like a natural and smooth mobilisation

90% of your muscles will be trained e.g. 600 muscles are actively involved in the course of movement and causes in increase of usage of energy (approx. 500 calories per hour). Based on an optimal training you can reduce weight and activate your metabolism.

Among coordinative skills i.e. adroitness and physical awareness cause of the usage of poles also condition, power and mobility will be trained. Your cardiovascular activity will improve, your respiratory muscles get strengthened and your oxygen supply will increase.

Impact on your mind

Based on the integral motion your sense of self-worth and your awareness of your body as well as the ability of concentration will increase. Your psychic well-being i.e. happiness and satisfaction will be promoted. The natural setting let you get away form work-
aday life cause your concentration is focused on your feed, your constant breathing and on nature.

Negative energy of stress will be transformed by Nordic Walking into positive energy of motion, stress hormone is degrading, the balance between physical and psychic power will be supported and your quality of life will increase up to a ripe-old age.

What kind of equipment you need?

Good running shoes as well as breathable clothing which shields you from heat, wind and coldness. Possible something to drink. Nordic Walking poles are provided.

And – don't forget your good mood!

Effective training and fun from the very beginning!

Take your health into your own responsibility with Nordic Walking and discover from the first step a new feeling of your body.

The natural setting within the area of Munich as well as the desert of the Red Sea will create a special experience for you.

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