Mental relaxing and Sandbath in the Desert

Hear and feel the silence and center yourselfSandbath

During this turbulent times it is shown up more and more how im-
portant inner balance and balanced self-esteem are. Silence and calm-
ness are the methode for inner balance. Where the improvement can be experienced more than within a silent, natural and energetic enviroment. The Egyptian desert at the Red Sea is offering this.

A day of relaxation you can experience in the desert. The Egyptian surrounding and the Bedouin lifestyle as well as the desert is creating the frame of the day. Walks, excercises of relaxation, mental training, meditation and sandbath will release tension of body and mind more and more. You have the time for inner contempla-
tion, time to perceive the nature and to feel your individual response.

Web 1The twilight is a special experience and will be combined with a special meditation by breathing. The sun sets slowy while the sky is colouring lightly orange. The details of the surrounding are disapearing and the glorius play of colours of the desert in changing fast. There is no dawn like in Europe. The dusk is settling – the first star is rising – the second and very soon millions of stars are twinkling in the darkness. The light monotone noise of the wind is increasing the effect of the silence – the inner orientation is clearly noticeable. Details disappear and surrender the view to thebig picture. The view is turning from the selfmade details around us towards the distance. The per-
ception is expanding. The silent is not boring in this situation. With the darkness the temperature is decreasing. A comfortable coolness settles in.

Web 2Barbara Luigs is guiding your relaxing day in the desert in her function as a health and mental coach. You will get touching impacts in and out of the nature. You will experience moments of relaxation and silence and you will feel a new orientation as well as you will get practical tips and tricks to realize within your allday life.

Enjoy a day in the nature of the desert.
Get out of the merry-go-round of performance orientation and and concentrate on the Here and Now! Listen to yourself, to your body – without any disturbing impacts from outside. The center of your awareness will be with you at the end of the day – with silence and calmness you will come back to Hurghada.


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