Luigs Health- and Mental Coaching

Owner: Barbara Luigs
Lena-Christ-Weg 5
D-85604 Zorneding
Office Germany: +49 (0) 173/775 99 52
Office Egypt:        +20 (0) 102/53 73 755
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General terms and conditions

The subscription will only be valid upon receipt of the subscription fee.

If you cannot attend a course, training or session, please let us know 24 hours in advance so that we can reschedule the appointment. In case of a later cancellation we cannot offer you a refund of the attendance fee. We reserve the right to cancel the training / coaching or the seminar / timeout event in case of low attendance or adverse weather conditions.

Conditions of attendance

If I attend the Nordic Walking class, the Nordic Walking event and/or the personal training, coaching, seminar, I acknowledge the organiser's exclusion of liability. I will not make any claims towards the organiser on the grounds of any damage or injury incurred during my attendance nor on the grounds of any potential damage or injury. I confirm that I am healthy and fit for attendance and that my health has been medically approved. I agree that the organiser may use my personal information mentioned in my subscription, the photographs taken by myself, as well as any photo-mechanical copies without any compensation.