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Increase the quality of your life by strengthening the consciousness for your own health.Fotolia 18330927 XS

Health coaching offer you help to help yourself. It will support the optimum balance between job-related challenges, private life, motion and relaxation – all that without any pressure. Health coaching will accompany you on the way of discovering your own resources and will activate your motivation.

Your current situation is the starting point for the individually targeted coaching. On your way, you will increase the consciousness for your own health, your physical fitness and the ergonomics of your motional processes. You will learn relaxation techniques for your individual daily routine and you will optimise your eating and shopping behavior. Do not give stress and fatigue a chance!

Get your health-consciousness moving

Health coaching is an individual process to define and achieve your health goals. A situation analysis will be the basis for defining your goals. Afterwards solutions will be developed and put in practice; you will learn training programmes and measures that can be integrated in your daily routine.

Whether your physical or mental fitness is concerned – as your personal health coach I will accompany and support you during this process.

Integrate a healthy communication and conflict management with ease

A communication which is based on being fair, authentic and appreciative behavior has a positive influence on your wellbeing as well as for your environment. Handle yourself, your thoughts and words healthy. When you focus your concentration in case of conflicts towards appreciation, empathetic and solution oriented you make a big contribution to your own health. You don't waste energy. You can learn it – you should learn it!

Be in control of the quality of your life

Fotolia 33698219 XSMake a healthy life balance part of your daily routine, whether you are an employee, a manager, a project supervisor or a freelancer. You are in charge of your own health. Do not wait – be active!



Strengthen your 'team for success' today:
mind + body + intuition = ease + gain in time + success


Make your first non-binding individual appointment with me and let us design a targeted training programme for you. If not now, when?

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