Mental coaching is nutrition for your emotional wellbeing, without neglecting the mind. Act and decide with trustful intuition – a way to finding new perspectives for managers and freelancers, for athletes in individual competitions or in teams - for human beings.1634438-sonnenuntergang

  • Success based on individual resources
  • Making decisions with ease
  • Concentrating on the essential
  • Enjoying life healthily and vigorously
  • Succeeding at every challenge with confidence
  • Using the own competencies with joy
  • Finding sense and value in life with curiosity
  • Trust, motivation and appreciation in community with others
  • Efficiency in performance and motion

If you want to achieve some of these goals you should continue reading. In this day and age, the importance of inner balance and an equilibrated self-confidence are becoming ever clearer.

As a health and mental coach I accompany individuals and teams in development processes, i.e. I support them in order for them to change, to adapt to critical situations or to define and achieve their goals. This takes place primarily through talks, mental journeys and in seminars; my clients contribute by being prepared to change their lives. This is always about discovering and developing one's own potential. Concentration, relaxation, activation of energy and forming one's intuition are integral to the mental coaching processes on the way to inner balance and focus.

In our everyday lives, we often have to make quick decisions without being able to foresee the consequences of our actions. Intuition is usually the best advisor in these situations. Experienced entrepreneurs often rely on their intuition when making decisions. This can be trained, provided we 'listen' to our intuition and understand it.


Keep calm.

Your inner attitude and the impressions resulting from it are decisive.
It is essentially the mere emotion that ultimately influences the mind.

Because winning starts in your mind!


The power of thoughts is very valuable. Whoever, first thing in the morning, is convinced that he is going to gain nothing from the day that lies ahead, will hardly ever experience a positive surprise. He will narrow his horizon by having negative thoughts and a bad mood. Do you really want this? Mental fitness is based on openness towards new situations and possibilities as well as on the ability to look upon things from an entirely new perspective.

Finding individual goals and programming them in one's mind. Applying intuition effectively in customer service – this can be a way to increase your efficiency and balance. Be it to optimise performance, to achieve goals or to reduce stress. While it was chiefly sports psychologists who first made use of the knowledge about mental power for their work, nowadays mental techniques are being used in everyday life and even in business contexts. Be it for the promotion of your career, a healthy work-life-balance, or rhetoric training, there are hardly any fields in which mental training and coaching are not made use of.

Use the power of your intuition and recognise how it can change your life.

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