Individual seminar

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This seminar is aligned to 100% on your current personal situation and objectives. Allow yourself your very personal time out and set yourself and your life balance in the center. As part of the coaching time for individuals, I offer you a framework at the Red Sea:

• Inventory and coaching to determine location

• Mental Travel and meditations to come to rest

• Physical exercise and outdoor experiences to increase body awareness.
  Swimming in the Red Sea, Nordic walking in the desert, time-outs on
  the beach, coordination and training for stabilization etc.

• Strength matrix for targeting

• Motivation and support for the implementation of realization

• Creativity Workshop for your goals etc.

IMG 0414In your coaching time is about you. You navi-
gate - I design the frame. Thus, personality development and health gets a chance. Enjoy your personal time out at the Red Sea. Starting from a physical and mental positioning analysis we will jointly create your intensive training and coaching programme. You choose the time frame.


Half-day / Full day / week coaching and training
Single coaching and training lesson


Fotolia 26254402 XSLet us accompany and motivate you individually – as part of your holidays at the Red Sea, this will be a very special additional treat. You will receive advice for a healthy stay as well as for putting everything into practice in your everyday life.

Further advice after the training and coaching session – i.e. whilst you put everything into practice – I will support you in reaching your goals.

I offer all the seminars as professional team programmes or as individual coaching sessions.

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