Nordic Walking in the Arabian Desert

Challenge – Sand and rocks as far as you can see

CIMG2897Silence, without any noice of civilisation, of annoying rings of mobiles or cars passing by. The Egyptian desert is loca-
ted at the Red Sea – lonesome and quit. An area for a new challenge – Nordic Walking in the desert.

To start with we choose the early mor-
ning. Sunrise on our way to Badiha – in case your are an early bird. The first steps in the desert are eaten by the wind – silence. The sand is lightly flexible – exhausting for the muscles of your legs and your feed. The eye is enjoying the widness of the nature and the pure light which makes the desert colourful. Behind each sand dune and face of the rock a new colour is coming up.

Silence and lonelyness minimize the impact for our awareness from outside. The perception of the CIMG2889 640x480own body is increasing more and more.The "internal aircondi-
tion" is reporting intnese activity and the feeling of being thursty is coming up soon. Clear water is tasting delicious. Each trop running down the gorge is refilling the store of energy in an magical way. The power of the nature which is mixed up by yellow-brown sand, stones, rocks and wall of rocks towards a dry desert soil in front of the clear blue sky – amazing and rich in contrast. The view to the endless widness, the silence around and the warming feeling of the rays of sunlight let grow the relaxation.

The twilight is a special experience. The colours are changing every minute and the participants are enjoying the view into the ending day from a sandy balcony. The reflection within the own silence is focusiing the own body and the work performed of the day.

IMG 0387 1280x960
The dinner in the rising starry sky let silently fade away the day and complete a physical and mental touching day. The meal prepared locally by Bedouin people is not only of good taste but also allows a small entrance into the Bedouin life.


Beside the special feeling of Nordic Walking in the desert the participants gets a unique feeling for silence, affinity with nature and peace of mind. A special day.


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