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born 27/03/1961

Professional experience

Having graduated in business admini-
stration, I worked in the management of a company for electrical appliances for more than 20 years, both in Germany and abroad. During this time I experi-
enced the influence of work-related pressure on mind and body. I made use of these experiences by re-directing my professional career and today I work as a health – and mental coach. Health and a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with work-related challenges – these are the values and behavioural patterns that I teach my clients and companies. For this purpose, I chose the comprehensive approach of health coaching to conceive individual programmes.

My motivation is the development of my clients.

Body consciousness experience, identify and realize new prospects - stay healthy in all challenges. This is my passion after I have been living healthy for years - and with much joy.


  • Certified  Systemic Health – and Business Coach
  • Certified Mental Coach and Mental Trainer
  • Certified Business Administrator and Management Consultant
  • Certified Personal Trainer (TÜV)
  • Wellness and Relaxation Trainer, Nutritionist
  • Instructor at Gluckerkolleg
  • Prevention advisor for Corporate Health Management programmes
  • Master of back exercises and Ergonomics Advisor
  • Running and Nordic walking teacher
  • Nordic walking – walk in balance trainer
  • Head of the Academy for Health Coaching, Munich, Germany
  • Languages: German, English, French

Luigs Health and Mental Coaching

Office Germany: +49 (0) 173/775 99 52
Office Egypt:        +20 (0) 102/53 73 755
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